While the disco beats pulsate in the background, the film explores the intimate conversations and connections that take place within the confines of the ladies' washroom.

As the story unfolds, viewers are transported into this hidden world within the nightclub, where women find solace and camaraderie in sharing their experiences, secrets, and aspirations. It is within the washroom's sanctuary that they find an opportunity to let their guards down, away from the prying eyes of the outside world.

Cast: Ivy Collete,Inyika Odero, Tim Kingóo, Michelle Tiren, Auudi Rowa, Daisy Temba, Anthony Ashioya,Nungari Kiore, Mukami Tabitha, Cindy Sherifa, Ann Muli, Sobu Nonkwe, Kanini Actress Director: Isaboke Nyakundi, Ass Director: Mwix Mutinda, Script: Isaboke Nyakundi, Producer Kieran Popo, Kieran Popo, Kamau Muthee. Executive Producer Liz Kilili, Camera Papa Vinyasa, Set runner: Stephen Wainaina, Location: Junction Mall.
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