One hand on breast
One hand lifted up
Him shouting glory
As other parts raise
In abundance he strokes my shame
In abundance he inserts the spirit
In shame he multiplies the abundance
Praise his name! he stands shouting
As he preys on his next
Faith Money

Ni ya leo! ni ya leo!
Step right up and get your miracles!
Your faith depends on your pocket
Renewing subscriptions of faith
Highest bidder gets the most
The poor’s faith haitoshi mboga
The pastor walks into the sunset
With bae and your money in tow
This promised land we finally settled on
Is nothing short of a smoke screen
Political Master

The church and politics mixing
Like your favourite cocktail
Just like colonialism
Holding a gun in one and a bible in another
Selling hopes and dreams like hawkers
On the street while tearing down
The lives for the people they serve

kitu moja, Wafuasi na kondoo
funga fungu Ukitaka doo
malugha hatuskii
zinatuingisha box
ka mafala hawashikii rada
tutatoa kila kitu hadi viatu
ndio msee aroll na Royce
ukikula rolex akivaa rolex
akishout glory, kinii macho
inahappen kwa mfuko ya mfuasi
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