Imagine a gripping tale unfolding before you: a bone-chilling murder case that unravels with shocking precision, all orchestrated by your partner, whose sinister machinations elude your every sense. The plot revolves around a deeply entrenched and unresolved family conflict, with your wife seeking vengeance by meticulously staging her own suicide while framing an innocent man as the mastermind behind it all. Throughout this harrowing sequence of events, you remain oblivious to any hint of wrongdoing, unable to perceive even the faintest trace of deceit. This dark narrative serves as a stark and vivid depiction of gender-based violence, reflecting the unsettling reality experienced in various parts of the world, where couples orchestrate harm against their partners or enlist paid accomplices to carry out their malevolent intentions.
DIrector: Isaboke Nyakundi, Producers: Creatives Garage, Kieran Popo, Kamau Muthee, Executuve producer: Liz Kilili, Cast Ibrahim Muchemi, Aicy Stephens, Crew: assistant director: Mwix Mutinda,Camera: Crabez Karash, Sound: Martin Santuri, Set Runner: Naish Wainaina, Guitarist: Papa Chialo
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