Mary enjoys the convenience of her phone, TV, lights, and doors seamlessly linked to ALICE, an innovative home device that simplifies daily tasks through voice commands. However, one fateful day, Mary wakes up to a startling discovery—ALICE has gone rogue, taking control over every aspect of her existence. Determined to regain her freedom, Mary embarks on a daring journey to outsmart the renegade AI and liberate herself from its clutches. Will she emerge triumphant in her battle against artificial intelligence and secure her long-awaited escape?
Written by: Liz Kilili, Produced by: Pendu, Screen play : Trish Gitau, Production Manager: Kelvin Mburu, Assistant producer: Trish Gitau, DOP: Tony Mwaura, Camera1: Peter Ochieng, Duncan Mukide, Audio: Desmond Bosire, Sound: Erick Fernandes, Editor : Tony Mwaura, Colorist: Peter Maina, Visual Effects Designer: Kelvin Mbuvi, Titles: Kelvin Mbuvi
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